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** denotes, faculty member is teaching TWO different classes)

Larry Brooks:  Author, Blogger, Writing Teacher, Worn Out Jock
(Class 1)   Why Your Writing Process Counts: Working Smart vs. Simply Working:  A look at the many ways writers complete a successful “search for story” through an understanding of certain fundamentals and principles.  Or not.  Click here for course outline.

**Deirdra Coppel: Author, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer
(Class 1)  Writing Business Sense:  Working with designers and illustrators, avoid common legal mistakes, what to do if your publisher gives you a bad cover, and get the best price on your art without sacrificing quality.
(Class 2)  The Amazing Future of Illustrations:  EMC’s Enhanced Multimedia Content are going to change your writing career whether you like it or not.  Click here for class outline.

Joyce DiPastena: Author of Mystery, adventure and “sweet” romance in the Middle Ages
(Class 1)   Breathing Life Into Historical Research: 
 Whether you write romance, mystery, or straight fiction, this workshop will teach you how to turn historical facts into a living, breathing world for your readers.               Click here for class notes.

Jane Dystel:  President of Dystel & Goderich Management
(Class 1)   Soup to Nuts: Going from idea to book along with the importance of a social media platform, followed by Q & A.  Click here for class outline.

Dave Eaton: Marketing Consultant, specializing in Online & Social Media Marketing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Class 1) Social Media Marketing – Your Online Path to a Bestseller:  How to create a Bestseller before a single page is in print!  Using your Blog, Facebook, Twitter and other Online Platforms to zero in on your target audience with a laser focus and create a following that will hang on to your every word. Click Here for Class Outline.

**Sara Francis-Fujimura:  Freelance Writer, Creative Writing Teacher and Author
(Class 1)  Contracts, Kill Fees, and Serial Rights, Oh My! (A Crash Course in Magazine Writing):  Learn how to read editorial guidelines, write an attention-getting query letter, and protect your intellectual property, all while working on your writing craft and making a little extra money.  Click here for class outline.
(Class 2)  Cooking up Some Chicken Soup (How to Write Fun, Inspirational Personal Essays):  Learn how to turn family stories and struggles into inspiring and/or entertaining personal essays for magazines and compilation books like Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Click here for class outline.  Click here for class outline.

Donna Hatch: 
Author of Historical Romance and Fantasy Romance
(Class 1)   7 Secrets for Writing Romance:   Romance is more than a meeting, a kiss, and a marriage proposal. Discover 7 secrets to writing a romance, what cliches to avoid, and what today’s market craves.  Click here for class notes.

Sandra Hendrickson
:  Teacher, Songwriter and Author
(Class 1)  It Just Takes Time:  A class on creative songwriting that will motivate you to dig a little deeper, learn more skills, and challenge you to be a better songwriter.  Click here for class outline.  Click here for class notes.  Click here for music.

**Lisa Mangum
:  Assistant Editor at Deseret Book/Shadow Mountain

(Class 1)  “Kaboom,” Went the Coastal Monkey Factory: Starting Your Story with a Bang:   Is it true that editors and agents only read your first sentence before making a decision? If so, this class will teach you how to make your story start strong—and stay strong.  Click here for class outline.

(Class 2)    Making the Leap: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Slush Pile:  After a decade of sorting through the slush pile, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Learn how to get your manuscript noticed and you, too, can make the leap out of the slush pile.  Click here for class outline.

Linda Prince Mulleneaux:  Editor at Walnut Springs Press
(Class 1)  The Critical Skill of Self-Editing; Focusing on What Agents and Editors Really Care About:  You can get published, you’ll just have to operate on your “baby.”  Learn how to perfect your prose and streamline your story.  Click here for class notes.

Anita Mumm: 
Literary Assistant, Nelson Literary Agency

(Thursday night workshop)  Tell Me More:  Whetting an Agent’s Appetite with your Query or Pitch:  This is a  hands on workshop where writers may read their query to Anita and the participants.  All are then invited to give suggestions and critique the query.  Click here for Class Notes.

Josh Perkey:  Senior Editor of the Ensign
(Class 1)  Writing for Magazines:   Ever wondered how to get published in the Ensign? Ever wondered what it takes to publish in a national magazine? This two-hour workshop will teach you how to craft articles for human interest magazines, including Church magazines such as the Ensign, New Era, and Friend. We’ll spend about 20 minutes discussing the particulars of Church magazines, then broaden the scope to human interest magazines in general. Then we’ll spend the balance work-shopping your ideas. Come with ideas ready to develop. When we’re finished you’ll have the makings of something worth preparing to submit to publishers. Click Here for Class Notes

Matt Peterson: Copy writer

(Class 1)  Freelance Copy writing – The Perfect “Day Job” for Writers: How you can use your writing skills to pay the bills (while you continue to work on the next great American novel):  Freelance writing is a great way to make a living, whether full time or on the side. Matt will share real-life experiences and teach you how to start your own freelance copy writing business. We’ll discuss things like where to find jobs, how to manage your finances, and how to manage the day-to-day demands of writing for a living.

Wendy S. Peterson:  English Teacher at Shepherd Junior High in Mesa, AZ

(Class 1)  Poetry:  A Spicy Slice of Life:  Like spices in food, poetry makes life interesting, more flavorful,  and richer.  Learn to integrate writing poetry into your life using easy-to-get-started and simple-to-understand ideas in a nurturing and supportive environment.

**Linda Radke:  
President of Five Star Publications, Inc.
(Classes are Friday Only)
(Class 1)  Traditional Publishing, Partnership Publishing and Self-Publishing: Finding a Home for your Book:   Linda will speak about the pros and cons of each level of publishing followed by a Q&A.
(Class 2)   It’s All in the Pitch – Marketing and Publicity:  The difference between marketing and publicity.  The importance of a media kit, obtaining endorsements, designing and maintaining a website for promoting your book, researching associations and other groups for pitching your book, promotional postcards, fliers, etc., researching conferences where your book might be displayed, researching appropriate opportunities for book awards, author book signings . . .and more.

Janette Rallison
:  Award winning Author of Young Adult Fiction
(Class 1)   Using Internal Thought to Create Characterization:  When writing a book, voice is all important-and voice usually comes from a character’s internal thoughts.  Come learn how to strengthen your characterization and voice through your character’s internal thoughts.  Click here  for class outline.

Peggy Shumway: 
Author and former Family History Consultant
(Class 1)  “Your Grandfather Did What?”-Crafting a Family History that Reads Like Fiction:  Who says a family history has to be boring?  We’ll learn how to create compelling family chronicles using the same techniques as fiction writers.  Click here for Class Notes.

**Conrad Storad:
  Award Winning Author of Non-fiction Children’s Books
(Classes are Friday Only)
(Class 1)  Read Me A Story! Cultivating the Art of Listening– Reading Aloud to Children Workshop
(Class 2)  More Than Just the Facts — Nonfiction is FUN! — Nonfiction Writing Workshop.  (Outlines and notes for both classes will be provided by instructor in class.)

Brent Whiting
:  Journalist and English Professor
(Class 1)   “Great Opening Lines — Grabbing the Reader’s Attention”:  Writers sometimes get only one chance to grab a reader’s attention. Ways to write a catchy introduction and clear thesis, so the rest of your writing doesn’t get ignored.
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